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Login to MGM Resorts Okta’s Virtual Roster Via the ESS Scheduling System

    Login to MGM Resorts Okta's Virtual Roster Via the ESS Scheduling System

    To begin, let’s define “Virtual Roster ESS.” Instructions on how to access your schedule over the Internet. Who or what are MGM Resorts, and how can I access their services via the Okta app? See this page for the latest information.

    The meaning of “Virtual Roster.”

    The Virtual Roster site was built as a self-service tool for MGM Resorts International staff members. Employees may log in to the site to see and modify their schedules, submit and track Time Off requests, check their balances, make changes to their contact information and preferences, and more.

    To facilitate the completion of routine, day-to-day work and the enhancement of organizational effectiveness, an ESS portal has been built. It contributes to higher productivity in the long run.

    The Online Portal for Scheduling the Electronic Roasting System

    Please use the instructions below to access your Electronic Shift Schedule (ESS) account.

    It is necessary to log in to the:

    To begin, workers must follow a few rules for a secure login process.

    • Employees are responsible for setting up their employee ID and password.
    • The exact URL of the ESS portal must be made available to employees.
    • To access their ESS portal, workers must do it from a reliable and secure device.
    • Every worker has to have access to a constant and dependable internet connection.

    Step 1: First, go to, the site’s official login page. If you click on this link, you will be sent to an Okta-powered login page (as shown below).

    Step 2: Enter your employee ID and password into the appropriate fields and click the Sign In button to enter your ESS account.

    When do I use my Okta credentials to check in at MGM Resorts International?

    Okta provides MGM Resorts International’s staff with secure access. Okta is a cloud-based SSO that offers a login service on demand (Single Sign On).

    After logging in to the Okta-powered login page, workers will be sent to the Okta dashboard page for their company, from where they may access all of the business’s apps with a single click.

    You may click on any program, which will launch in a separate tab while you remain signed in to the main application. You’ll have access to your company’s software with just one login.

    Please refer to the following guide to access the MGM Resorts Virtual Roster Okta application

    Please proceed as described below

    Step 1: Go to to access your company’s Okta-powered login page. If you work for MGM Resorts, you can use to get to the intranet.

    Step 2: An Okta-based SSO login form will load (as shown below).

    Step 3: Third, enter your employee ID and password to access the system. Since this is an SSO login, you’ll only need to log in once to use all the services.

    Please tell me how to change my password

    Step 1: First, go to the official ESS sign-in page.

    Step 2: On the login screen, click Need help signing in? Option if you have any questions. It’ll be the same interface but with some new links added, as seen below.

    • Having Trouble Remembering Your Password?
    • Has Your Account Been Locked?

    Step 3: Click the “Forgot Password” link for assistance. There will be a transition to a new screen with a password reset form (as shown below).

    Step 4: Reset your password by entering your employee ID and selecting an option from the drop-down menus below.

    • To get a reset password verification code by text message, click here.
    • To request a new password through email, please click here.

    You will be required to input the security code you were provided into the appropriate field. You’ll be able to create a brand-new passphrase immediately after that.

    What must I do to get access to my account?

    Your account may be unlocked online if it has been locked.

    • Go to the main ESS signup page.
    • If you’re having trouble logging in, click the “Need help signing in?” link and then “Locked Account?” again.
    • On the next screen, choose either the Reset through SMS or the Reset via Email option, and then enter your employee ID.
    • When prompted, type in the security code you got by text message or email to proceed to the next page and get access to your account.

    Exactly how do you look at your timetable?

    For your convenience, we have outlined below how to access your schedule through the ESS portal.

    Step 1: Access the ESS Scheduling site through the Virtual Roster. Once you’ve logged into ESS, you’ll be sent to a dashboard page where you may access the following features through tabs at the top.

    • Schedule
    • Noticeboard
    • Time Off
    • Details

    To check your schedule, choose the Schedule tab. To access your calendar from the Shift view, select “Switch to the calendar view.” The current day will be shown in a pale blue tint, with previous days in a grayscale.

    When you click the “Noticeboard” button, you’ll see a collection of notices and messages from various company sections. Employees may go to the Noticeboard section to read any new messages in the ESS.

    Away-from-Work Period:

    Access the information linked to Time off by selecting the corresponding tab. Time off accruals is shown at the top for easy access. After that, workers may review their past requests for Time off. Please go to the next page to see the specifics of your Time Off.


    In this section, workers may see their profile information. Workers can customize their profiles and make necessary changes. Any time an employee wants, they may go in and update or create a whole new password.

    Service to Clients

    If you are having trouble logging into your ESS portal, please get in touch with the system administrator or MGM Resorts’ human resources department.


    Name of the portalVirtual Roster Employee Self Service
    OrganizationMGM Resorts International
    Developed forMGM Resorts employees
    PurposeTo provide all services through a single login

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